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Support for female entrepreneurs in Canada

Woman outdoors on her laptop working.

Female entrepreneurs in Canada are invited to attend F5: Refresh and Reload, a series of virtual meetings that focus on the current economic climate as well and address many pain points faced by business advisors and women in business. Each meetup also includes “kidsitting”, a virtual activity performed by a female-owned business.

November’s free meetup focuses on mental health and is being held in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association of Windsor-Essex County. Being a female entrepreneur can be challenging; and when you’re a parent the stress and anxiety can easily become problematic.

On November 17, 2020, the session a CMHA Mental Health Educator will lead you through 10 Tips to Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs. A representative from Crock-a-Doodle will lead everyone through a Smile Tile activity. Smile Tiles will be mailed to participants in advance of the session (please register early to ensure your smile time arrives in time).

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