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The Cyber World. An Untapped Industry for Women.

Globally, women make up about 11% of the total cybersecurity workforce. Because of the skills gap that the Canadian economy is facing, an estimated 3.5 million jobs will go unfilled globally by 2021. Women face many challenges in this industry, however, with many new technologies emerging, it is imperative that we encourage young women to pursue this pathway.

A national organization is doing just that. Women Cyber Security Society (WCSS), founded in 2018, aims to increase recruitment and retention in the industry, while also bringing awareness to the unique challenges women face within cybersecurity. They offer membership opportunities and free mentorship to women in the industry, as well as corporate coaching to further diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Recently, WCSS is taking the next step by using their platform to petition governments and the United Nations to recognize women in these fields. International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement on September 1st, 2019 as a day to celebrate women in cyber and bring awareness to the unique challenges they face.  

Become an advocate and champion of women in cybersecurity by signing the petition today: http://chng.it/ZWMmnVtG

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