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The Most In-Demand Jobs in STEM and the Skilled Trades by 2025

automotive mechanic, CNC machinist, STEM

A big part of high school is figuring out what you’re interested in so you can take courses and placements to get into those positions after graduating college.  

However, with the landscape of jobs rapidly changing, in fact the World Economic Forum is talking about a fourth industrial revolution! It can be hard to figure out a career path when you’re not sure if you’re guaranteed a job down the line.  

Based on predictions for the World Economic Forum, these will be some of the in-demand jobs in STEM and the Skilled Trades by 2025. 


One of the fastest growing jobs is a statistician. If you like working with numbers, studying for a degree in statistics or mathematics is a great place to start. In fact, statisticians have one of the highest paying jobs for Gen Z. 

Wind Turbine Service Technician 

If you want to get into a trade, but you’re interested in the environment as well, you should consider becoming a wind turbine technician. It’s one of the best environmental jobs as the world moves toward renewable energy, making it one of the jobs of the future.  

Solar Photovoltaic Installer 

Speaking of the environment – there’s a growing demand for sustainable buildings, which means a demand for solar panels as well. Solar photovoltaic installers are one of the fastest-growing jobs for the next decade or so 

App Developer 

With the rate of technological advances, eventually there will be an app for everything! Therefore, app developers have one of the best careers for the future.  


As long as there’s money, businesses are going to need to account for what they make and spend. Auditors will continue to be in demand to check financial statements.  

Computer and Information Systems Managers 

By 2025, it will be almost impossible to find a business that doesn’t use some kind of computer system. Computer and information systems managers help companies decide on the computer-related systems they need. Getting into a tech-related program in school is the way to go. 

Construction Manager 

With new infrastructure and upgrades to existing infrastructure, construction managers will remain in demand. If you’re great at overseeing projects and multitasking, this is the job for you! 

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