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New Project Launch to Promote #DiversityandInclusion in Workplaces!

Research shows that diverse teams tend to make better business decisions in less time, with fewer meetings. In fact, according to a BCG report, “Companies that increase the diversity of their workforce on multiple dimensions, and create an environment that welcomes new perspectives, boost their capacity for innovation and their ability to withstand the unexpected.”

President and Founder of Build a Dream, Nour Hachem-Fawaz, launches The WIN Movement on October 2, 2019.

This knowledge — combined with the request to do more to improve the future workforce — was the catalyst for the Workforce Innovators Network (WIN), an initiative designed to highlight champions of inclusive (work)spaces, and encourage companies, organizations, and education to take their own bold action towards inclusivity.

Launched on October 2, and made possible through funding from Workforce WindsorEssex’s Community Labour Market Research & Innovation Project, The WIN Movement’s website is the central location for accessing best practices, hiring consultants to provide training, and listing keynote speakers who are available to compliment conferences and panels surrounding diversity and inclusion topics.

“With the work we were doing with Build a Dream, it was always clear that diversity was not solely a women’s issue. It is time to start meaningful conversations about diversity and encourage individuals and organizations to really embrace the fact that creating balanced teams is not just focused on gender, but about having all voices at the table,” said Nour Hachem-Fawaz, President & Founder of Build a Dream.

“We need to influence this change.”

While The WIN Movement has started with several speakers from the Windsor-Essex Community, the plan is to grow the list to include nationwide speakers based on suggestions from across Canada. Individuals can visit the website for more information and to make their recommendations.

The announcement of the Workforce Innovators Network launch and WFWE’s investment was quite timely as the same day, Melinda Gates announced that she would commit $1 billion over the next decade to advance women’s power and influence, demonstrating that individuals and organizations are ready to make significant investments to ensure that we start creating change.

From left to right: Michelle Suchiu, Executive Director, Workforce WindsorEssex, Nour Hachem-Fawaz, Founder/President, Build a Dream, and Shawn Ramey, President, Carpenters’ Union Local 494.

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