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Warm weather workwear guide: 5 must-haves

Technically A Tech wearing safety gear on her job site.

It’s not always easy to find workwear for a woman’s body, so Technically a Tech has compiled a list of 5 items that will help you out in the warm weather.

I got a B.Sc. from the University of Ottawa and I have been working in environmental consulting for about 3 years. I am required to do site work outside all year and having gear that fits is imperative for me to get my job done well and more importantly, safely. Finding workwear for women is very difficult, especially in Canada, and I am helping people that don’t fit into sizes that are more readily available find workwear that fits. I provide reviews and recommendations on my Instagram page for brands that are making gear in more inclusive sizes and fits. Follow along, hopefully you’ll find something that works for you!

NO. 1

7159 Ladies Service Stretch Pant

The upsides: I have nicknamed these pants my “site sweatpants” because they’re comfortable enough that I feel like I’m in sweats but they still look professional! They are great quality, flattering, and stretchy, I cannot rave enough. They have a slim fit but aren’t tight. I’m 5’6” and they were the perfect length; however, they have a hem that is easily removed to make the pants longer. These pants are especially great for hot weather because they’re made of light material.

The downsides: I would not recommend them if you’re on your knees a lot, as they have no pocket for knee pads. Also, note that Blåkläder’s sizing chart for women is very confusing. I went into the store and fit into pants that were 2 sizes smaller than what I had measured at home with their chart. If you’re able to go into a store to try these on, I would highly recommend it.

Get 15% off these and any Blåkläder gear with my code TECH15!

7159 Ladies Service Stretch Pant: Blaklader $69.95 (use code TECH15 for 15% off)

NO. 2

Women’s Duck Unlined Overall

The upsides: These have been awesome to throw on for messy jobs. I have both colours. They’re comfortable, a great price, and good quality. They have a relaxed, slightly oversized fit and many deep pockets ‑ yay for pockets in women’s pants! I’m 5’6” and the length is great, if you’re a couple of inches taller they will still fit in terms of length. If you’re more petite I would definitely size down both because of the length and the relaxed fit.

The downsides: Only downside is it gets quite hot to wear them during the summer especially if you’re throwing them on top of other layers so I opt for these in the fall and spring.

Women’s Duck Unlined Overall: Direct Workwear $65.00

NO. 3

Cotton Safety T‑Shirt

The upsides: I have a few of these and they’re my go‑to in the summer because it means I don’t have to wear a hi‑vis safety vest. They are very comfortable to wear in hot weather.

The downsides: I couldn’t find the exact ones I have so these might fit better but because they’re men’s, the fit of mine isn’t *spectacular*. The length goes past my butt, the sleeves almost past my elbows and the reflective stripes don’t quite sit where they’re meant to but they’re good enough and I’ll take these over the vest especially when it’s hot!

Cotton Safety T-Shirt: Direct_Workwear $26.50

NO. 4

Mellow Walk Maddy Women’s Composite Toe Pull On Work Boot 446128

The upsides: These are an awesome Blundstone dupe at a price that will likely be covered by your work stipend! I like that I just slip them on and don’t have to worry about laces or zippers. They’re a Canadian brand and bonus: you don’t have to wear 3 pairs of socks to make sure they stay on your feet. I wear these only during the summer but I’ve had them for 2 summer seasons now and they’ve survived so far! These boots don’t cause my feet to overheat in hot weather.

The downsides: I recommend these for warm/cool temperatures only (summer, spring, fall) they are comfortable and CSA approved but will NOT protect your feet in cold temperatures and they’re lose their comfort when you layer socks. Learn from my mistakes lol.

Mellow Walk Maddy Women’s Composite Toe Pull On Work Boot 446128: Work Authority $164.99

NO. 5

Covergall ‑ 4″ Triple Stripe

Covergalls has lots of awesome women’s gear, their standout product is their coveralls. They recognize how difficult it is to use the bathroom on site in men’s coveralls and have engineered a solution, check out the second photo. They have different colours and hi‑vis stripe width. I haven’t tried Covergalls yet but they’re next on my list.

Covergall – 4″ Triple Stripe: Covergalls $179.99

Let me know if you have any suggestions that I should try out for the next one! – Technically a Tech

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