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What does an Inclusive Workplace actually mean?

We often hear that in order to expand the talent pool, business must become accommodating of a diverse workforce, but what is required beyond adding a second bathroom?

Most of the accommodations are, in fact, social rather than physical. In order to make a person feel welcomed, it is essential that they feel that they have always belonged. Each business and crew are unique, and the work you need to do to build inclusivity will vary. 

It’s important to emphasize that changes are not special accommodations (this could create tension), but company improvements that can improve everyone’s work experience. As an example, employees should have a way to provide feedback to suggest improvements on projects. Or, when employees are asked for input, ensure that everyone gets to speak and employees are encouraged to welcome ideas from all teammates. This is just one way to encourage inclusivity by showing that everyone’s voice matters.

Other small changes could include setting aside a quiet space in your building not just for prayer, but a place for anyone who may need to reflect, meditate, or attend to personal needs (like breastfeeding or pumping), or purchasing safety gear that fits smaller body types.

With time and the ability to see the benefits that diversity brings, your team will be thankful for the investment in some minor things that improve their quality of work life. And as you onboard new individuals, it will be an easier transition for making them feel that they are accepted, a key part of retention.

Contact Build a Dream to discuss what your organization can do to attract from a different talent pool.

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