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What You Need to Know About Career Development

Career development is a process of exploration, decision-making and learning new skills and sometimes can even begin before you’ve started your career, so these tips are great for any age! 

There are several ways to gain new skills without having to take an entire college program in that field. LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and there are some colleges and universities that offer courses for free online. This is a fantastic way to use a refresher or learn something new. The nice thing about these courses is that often you can get a certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile or download as proof of completion for your resume. 

If you’re in high school this often gives you a chance to explore some different career fields before you decide on a career path and add a skill to your resume. 

But what is Career Development good for? 

The short answer? A lot of things! 

You can use these resources to learn skills required to move up within the company of your job, or you can use them to build new skills and change your career. 

Career development allows you to help control your career and most of the time, your employer will pay for courses and workshops for you to attend! 

Why would they do that? 

By investing in their employees, they are investing in the company. Think about it. If your employer is giving you resources to help you better yourself and move up in the company, you’re probably more likely to stay with that organization.  

By investing in you, they’re investing in the company and providing you with resources to make the company better! 

Need some resources and ideas to start your career development? Check out our other blog post here https://www.webuildadream.com/events-and-workshops-for-career-development/ 

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