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Build a Dream launches #HerPower™ campaign to reinforce continuous accountability for gender equality

Build a Dream Her Power campaign graphic with face outline

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), Build a Dream announced the official launch of a new campaign to empower girls and women with a series of activations throughout 2021. Not only does the campaign highlight the need for supporting ALL women at all levels within their careers, but it positively impacts the organization’s growth by fostering a culture of empowerment from within.

Make a diversity and inclusion pledge

“At Build a Dream, we believe that our voices have power,” said Build a Dream President & Founder, Nour Hachem-Fawaz. That’s why the campaign starts with the organization challenging itself and the community to make a pledge as part of the #HerPower™ campaign, unifying the community through pledges to nurture an inclusive world.”

Join Build a Dream and make a diversity and inclusion pledge to carry the IWD theme beyond a single day and commit to change throughout the year. You can get a pledge card and inspiration from our blog.

Social enterprise with 2 ways of giving back

Build a Dream has launched a merchandise line with a t-shirt design created alongside the Reitmans design team. As the winner of the 2020 Reitmans Diversity Contest, Build a Dream’s President & Founder, Nour Hachem-Fawaz, was selected as the eighth ambassador for the Reitmans campaign; Build a Dream also received a generous $10,000 donation. Sales of the merchandise go back and directly support ongoing programs at Build a Dream but making a purchase actually has even more impact. The merchandise was printed through The Downtown Mission of Windsor’s Chari-Tee’s, a social enterprise that gives 100% of proceeds directly to The Mission’s programs while providing vocational training, skills development, and employment support for those in need. Shop now!

#HerPower™ Day exclusive event includes professional development for women in leadership

Build a Dream officially launched the campaign during a virtual HerPower™ Day event for stakeholders and champions held on March 9. The invite-only event reinforced the importance of continuous accountability that is critical to create and maintain a growth mindset.

“We’ve gathered thought leaders in the diversity and inclusion space to lead authentic and open conversations about what effects internal and external bias has on the world around us, and how to challenge oneself and others to create positive change,” said Hachem-Fawaz.

“Launching this campaign is another step towards a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workforce,”

To find out how your organization can access exclusive events that build growth for your team, check out Build a Dream’s services for industry partners.

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