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Successful Women Share their Best Career Advice

Choosing a career path and making decisions can be difficult, but with proper guidance and mentoring it can alleviate some of the pressure on young women that comes with navigating the job market and workplace. Build a Dream interviewed four women to share their best advice and tips on how to choose a career path and gain career success. 

Helga Reidel, CEO The ENWIN Group of Companies 

Helga emphasized the importance of keeping a schedule to be able to organize your time. By having all your schedules in one digital calendar, you can avoid double booking. She also encourages young women to build healthy support system with friends. Her journey has a woman in a male-dominated career has not always been easy, but she credits having a strong family support system that helps her. 

Cara Grant, Project Manager, EllisDon 

Cara also believes that a healthy support system plays a key role in a student’s life. She encourages parents to show support when students are making career decisions, especially showing encouragement rather than sharing all the negative things that could happen. Cara believes curiosity was a helpful factor when making career decisions, “When you have curiosity, it drives ambition, and it drives motivation and work ethic.” 

Linda Hasenfratz, President and CEO, Linamar Corporation 

When it comes to being a leader, being passionate about what you do is not enough. You need to be able to communicate and spread that passion to all staff and shareholders. You must be driven and possess the necessary knowledge of company needs and strategies, to both facilitate and creative directives for other employees to follow. 

Anu Bidani, CEO, STEM Minds 

Anu also agrees that curiosity is an important factor when embarking on a career journey and being fearless when it comes to gaining experience. Resisting the urge to give into fears, and instead trying and exploring what inspires you is a great way to not only grow professionally, but also helps self-discovery.

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