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Helping your daughter find a career

Student planning career on laptop.

Look for our article in the National Post Women in Trades insert!

A small non-profit in Windsor, Ontario is having a big impact across Canada. By mobilizing a community of industry, educators, and female role models, Build a Dream helps your daughter find #HerPower…offering the opportunity to explore often-overlooked careers (like skilled trades), and providing answers to common pathway questions.

Are skilled trades for women?

Yes! Of the 300+ trades in Canada, none are gender based (hint: no careers are!). In fact, many organizations have been actively recruiting women for years. There are skills gaps across the country and trades are high-paying, in-demand, and rewarding. Build a Dream’s podcast, Perfectly Unfiltered, highlights female role models who are working in some of these fields, sharing their stories and winding career paths.

Is the workforce changing?

Definitely. Even though these careers have been available to women for years, there have been some barriers in place, including our own personal perceptions of who should do what job. In a time where diversity is valued for the advanced problem-solving that it brings, companies are pushing to have more women join their teams. Build a Dream connects with industry through several programs, highlighting new recruitment processes, delivering programs for professional development, and bringing awareness to lucrative careers.

Where do we start the career journey?

Talking about careers should start at an early age. Take advantage of what you see in the world around you to discuss different career options. Don’t discourage any careers…use them as a way to discover how your daughter pictures her future and demonstrate how careers are interconnected to almost any interest. Knowing what steps to take in school and creating a plan can help define your child’s pathway; speak with your school’s guidance counsellor for what opportunities are available starting as early as grade 9. With more information gathered, brainstorm with your daughter! Build a Dream’s free 2020/2021 Career Guide breaks down the different stages of planning and provides worksheets to begin your unique plan.

How do we learn more about options while still in high school?

A father and daughter discuss careers with a female electrician at Build a Dream's career discovery expo.
A father and daughter discuss careers with a female electrician at Build a Dream’s career discovery expo.

There are many ways to learn about exciting careers. Build a Dream’s free career discovery expos provide excitement around career planning, and highlight how other women found their passion, what courses to take, how to advance in a career, and what companies are looking for. 

How do we save for post-secondary school?

It’s never too early (or too late) to begin saving. Talk to your financial advisor about options and utilize the 2020/2021 Career Guide for information on where to look for funds and what organizations actually pay you to learn. In addition, Build a Dream has partnered with First Robotics to create the 2021 Skilled Trade Scholarship to support females entering the trades. The deadline to apply is February 15th, 2021.

How do I build my daughter’s confidence?

Help her find #HerPower. Encourage activities and clubs that allow her to build soft and hard skills, and make her feel confident with her abilities. Allow her to help with projects, share her interests with you, take risks, and discover new things. You can also look for volunteer opportunities to increase her network, and look for mentors who can provide additional support.

Students often reflect that they want inspiring, challenging and rewarding careers that offer growth potential. Build a Dream is working to get students there.

With significant investment from the federal government and a home base located inside of Valiant TMS corporate headquarters, Build a Dream has the support, connections, and tools required to help future leaders find rewarding careers.

Visit Build a Dream programs to access free career resources, learn about partnerships, and discover a world of exciting opportunities to diversify the workforce.

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